Timeline View Tasks with Depencies: Automatically sort them to have the straightest line possible.

Please give us a setting such that all Timeline tasks that have dependencies always drop such that they are inline with each other as much as possible. Currently they always drop “one vertical space” above/below each other, ostensibly so we can read the task title. That’s useful for many users, I’m sure, so I’m not asking that this change, but please give us a Timeline toggle that forces all new tasks to drop as much inline horizontally and vertically as possible. Pack them as tight together as the due dates will allow.

Also, please in this same setting force the issue such that new tasks DO NOT get wedged vertically in between existing dependency threads.

Further refinement would be that the moment we add a dependency to two tasks in the same section, the tasks should automatically all align themselves inline, or if there’s a conflict with another task in that same spot, automatically move to the next available spot (above).

Look at the two images, they are both the same sets of tasks. Two different “strings”, if you will.

The one had 1 string that I had already organized. I dropped in a news string, and the tasks for the new dependency strings are all over the place.

Look at the second pic, where I manually reorganized them. This is way easier see (even though you cannot read the task titles) and map out when you get a LOT of them on the screen.

I am probably using Timeline very much like a Gantt chart and I’ve played around with the new Gantt chart feature a little but have not yet found it nearly as helpful as a well organized Timeline. However, I will continue learning Gantt to hopefully see if this scratches the itch.

Great visual example of why the Timeline is hardly ever useable as-is in real life. People just can’t read it…

I feel you might be exaggerating here! :slight_smile:


Timeline view has been a WONDERFUL help for me, it just has a handful of really, really annoying and unnecessary issues, mostly related to how “new” tasks drop in seemingly strange places, putting way too much vertical space in between tasks.

If they’d just drop all tasks with dependencies in a straight line (or very nearly a straight line when there’s 2 dependency lines), and DON’T ever allow unrelated tasks drop in the middle of an existing dependency thread.

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I have learned how to manipulate the tasks in Timeline view in a way that works wonders for me other than what I mentioned above.

This screen shot is a production schedule for the next 6 weeks. I’d struggle to schedule this out if it weren’t for Timeline view.

Every horizontal string of tasks is “one job, many tasks” and the color of the tasks is a color code (custom field) that tells me what part of the production process each task is.

For me, it’s glorious, but in the same sense that a lawnmower is glorious. I wouldn’t want to maintain a huge lawn without a riding lawnmower. But, I have to fiddle with it constantly to keep it working.

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