Help us condense timeline view!

Team, I know there have been other discussions on Timeline view, and I’ve made excellent use of it. I’m able to schedule a tremendous amount of very complex jobs using Timeline view.

However, when a task drops in Timeline view as a single, stand-alone task with no dependencies, it always seems to create it’s own row. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating.

Take a look at the snippet below. I have to zoom all the way out into the Earth’s orbit to be able to see them all. There’s no reason whatsoever that this section should be this tall. The whole thing could literally be maybe 3-4 rows tall because there’s not going to be more than 3-4 tasks on any given day in this section.

Why is it doing this?

These tasks drop here as a result of a task template used in another project and they are multi-homed into this section of this timeline. They drop, sometimes several tasks per day. And they always seem to try to create their own new row for whatever reason.

This makes it PAINFULLY frustrating to scroll through.