Task Templates drop really messy in Timeline view, can we adjust this in any way?

I have a task template with a handful of subtasks all with dependencies. They way those show up on Timeline View is really messy. I launch this thing sometimes 8 times a day and having to reorganize them is getting to be rather bothersome.

Look at the two pics. First on is just how they drop. Second one is the exact same due dates, just manually organized in a way that looks better. Is there a way to get it to drop in the way it shows in the second pic? I really don’t need to see all the task titles, I need everything sorta condensed. I might have 40-50 of these strings of subtasks showing on a single timeline page, it gets reallllllly whacky looking if I don’t keep them tightly organized like this.

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We all hope the timeline would clean itself up but sadly it hasn’t been the case and there is no indication this is coming. We have seen hints here and there of an upcoming “Gantt” view but I can’t share more details.

Let just copy Smartsheet and call it a day

Try Instagantt, it can synch 2 way and creates really useful Gantts from Asana.

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Let’s drop our strategy and follow smartsheets for the features and Monday for the marketing :rofl: