Timeline from a template should stay organized as in the template

I have created a template from a project, in which we are using the Timeline feature. Tasks have been arranged so that it is visually clear for us.

But when we create a new project from this template, the Timeline is rearranged and we lose our tasks’ organization.

A template should be copied totally even for the Timeline. Do you plan to modify this?

Thank you

Here is a screenshot to image the situation:

We see that the 4 tasks are automatically rearranged in a diagonal, while I would like to reproduce the template’s timeline.

Any feedback on that topic?
Is it something you plan to fix in the next months?

I have this issue also. Annoyingly just ordered everything for the template, started a new project based on this template and the ordering is now all over the place.

Do we have to duplicate the “template” rather than saving it as a template?

I have already tried to duplicate it instead of using the template feature, but I still get the same issue…

Hi @Marie
Is Asana planning to solve this in the near future?

Being able to use Timeline and template would be so great :slight_smile:
Thank you

Hi @Julien_RENAUD and thanks for reporting this issue! So sorry for the late follow-up, I must have somehow missed this thread! We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on fixing it. In the meantime, my best advice would be to re-organize your tasks manually using drag and drop!

Love asana so far but I find myself coming across several issues that are quite annoying. This one is on top of my list. So I’ve created a quite comprehensive project map and after spending many hours changing the visual organization on the timeline and saving the project as a template, when creating a new project based on this template the entire layout structure gets rearranged based on the dates that tasks are due and not how it is saved in the template. You can imagine my frustration in having to rearrange the layout every single time I have to create a new project. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to move things around to match what’s on the template. A time that I cannot afford to waste on manual workarounds. Looking forward to your feedback and (fingers crossed) a quick resolution.

Thanks for reporting this issue @Petros_Martirosian and sincere apologies for the hassle; I can completely understand the frustration there. This is something our team is aware of. Timeline is a pretty new feature, and we still have a full team working on improving it, so hopefully this is something that will be addressed in the next update!

I’m merging your post with Timeline from a template should stay organized as in the template to centralise all feedbacks, but if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

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Julien - cannot agree with you enough!! We are an architecture and design firm, and honestly, the only thing preventing our 1,000 person + organization from switching completely to Asana is that the timeline is not a replacement for say, microsoft project. If the order of the timeline followed the order of the task list, and there were better export options, we would be ALL IN.

I can not upvote this feedback enough.
I have just spent the last two days organising our entire businesses project management templates for consistency and quick visual reference.
I’m sure you can imagine my frustration when I saw that the project I created today from my template has reset all of its formatting, making the last few days work quite simply a complete waste of time :cry:.
Is there any progress on the updates and improvements to this feature?

Sincere apologies for the trouble @Kelly_T, I don’t have an update to share just yet, but I can confirm this is something we’re working on. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update on my end!

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Marie, how far are we from having a progress update on this? The whole point of having a template is so you can duplicate it. Currently, it is almost taking the same amount of time to reformat a project after it has been created back to how the original template looked.

Where almost a year further, any updates on this. I have a template I need to reuse 60 times. Reordering the template is really not an option.

Hi @Marie
Any update?

Not at the moment @Julien_RENAUD but I’m closely following this task and will make sure to keep you posted as soon as our team starts tackling this request!

I just stumbled on this limitation, Google found this thread. A little over 2 years has passed since the issue was raised? Is this a priority? My template has around 80 tasks and a lot of effort in laying out tasks to make readable tracks. Projects created from the template are a total mess, drag and drop is not really a decent workaround.