Cleaning up a messy Timeline view

Good day all!

I have one particular project that I’d LOVE to be able to clean up, but I cannot figure this one out. This particular project is used MOSTLY in Board and List view, and those are organized GREAT.

However, since Timeline is an entirely different way of looking at things, the final result looks like a bunch of Daddy Long Leg spiders having a fight.

Is there a way to set Timeline View so that the “sections” of board and list view are NOT used, and instead, the Timeline view shows all related (dependant) tasks in a more linear fashion?

I know I can sort by due date, asignee, etc, but all of those still sorta result in a screen that looks like something Dr. Strange would do.

Hi @Matt5

That is what a Gantt chart is supposed to look like. It would help greatly if your tasks had Start and End time rather than just End times. (4 of them do). You may also want to adjust Time Frame in which you are viewing, such as drill down to month or quarter.

You can also change the color based on Custom Field color. This helps with critical path as well as team/group/department ownership.

I also see several RED dependencies which means you have a task being block or blocking in the wrong order.

So by cleaning up the errors, utilizing CF colors and setting date ranges, you will clean up your Gantt (Timeline)

Gantts allow you to see:

  • Overall timeline of the project
  • Task interactions (I see a huge cap in time that you should probably address, which you would not see in List or Board
  • Critical Paths.
  • Connections between work, stages, or teams
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