Valuable Resources, Books and Articles


I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on great resources, books and articles you recommend on project planning, collaboration and execution. Of course we know the top of the list, but here are some others. Feel free to add your favorites:


Asana You Tube Channel

Asana Training Community Members
@Todd_Cavanaugh Asana consulting & the Asana Training Masterclass

@paulminors :

Great Productivity Blog
Rhythm Systems

Favorite Books
Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Theane Books

Execution The Discipline of Getting Things Done


This book is great:

You can use it as a reference throughout your project and it helps with finding the best tools for your specific situation.


I :heart: this thread and am excited to add to my reading list.

One of my recent favorites was The Power of Less by Lea Babauta


Lovely thread idea, @James_Carl! I recommend Stoic literature in particular, as the principles I’ve learned in Stoic philosophy have fundamentally helped me be more productive and balanced in work and life.

And a modern classic