The gotchas that drive me up the wall

  1. Why can I not filter for more than 5 assignees at a time in a tab?
  2. Why can I not use boards anymore because there are “too many tasks” in the projects?
  3. Why is it not possible to update single-select fields to multi-selects?
  4. Why are the rule creation settings so limited? Can’t do multiple actions in a single rule if there are any if checks to do. Have to have several rules.
  5. Why is the column picker behind a button called Hide?
  6. Why is the desktop app so slow?
  7. Why am I constantly logged out and then have to log in through the web redirect flow which requires 2-3 clicks every time?
  8. Why can’t I create SQL View-like projects which aggregate tasks across multiple projects?
  9. Why can’t I filter for a field not being filled out, or not having a specific value? Why are the filters so limited?
  10. Why can’t I create arbitrary computed values from the set values?

All of these things inhibit my productivity and severely dampen my enthusiasm for the product.

@James_Michaels - I’m going to move this post out of the product feedback channel and into the tips/tricks one since the feedback channel is generally reserved for specific product feature requests (a number of your pain points have their own threads that I encourage you to upvote).

  1. Can’t speak to the reason behind this limitation, but one potential short-term solution would be to save a search with >5 assignees and a specific project filter. You can only view the results in list or calendar view.
  2. I believe the limit is 1000 tasks. Are you actively using 1000 tasks at all times on these projects? If not, perhaps there’s a way you could segment them out (e.g., move completed tasks to a separate project that preserves your ability to report).
  3. That’s mentioned in this request thread; please give it a vote.
  4. Unless I’m misunderstanding your use case, this is not correct. Could you post a screengrab of your rule (or explain it)? Multiple actions per branch are supported currently.
  5. Please give this thread a vote.
  6. Can’t comment on this, since I don’t use it and app performance is dependent on many factors.
  7. This is a question for your organization’s admin. If you are the admin, you can adjust these settings in the admin console.
  8. This can be accomplished with saved searches (reference answer 1). It won’t put them all into a project, but it will present them all in a list for you to view and dynamically update (a la a sql temp table)
  9. How are you currently searching? Exclusive search is definitely supported in the advanced search functionality.
  10. Could you clarify this request? The formula column might be a solution for you.