"Hide" button should be "Show/Hide"

This is a little embarrassing, but it took me several tries over several weeks to figure out how to show dependencies as a field in my project. I finally found this old post, which led me to try the “hide” button at the top of the project, which then counter-intuitively allowed me to show the field I needed:
Continuing the discussion from Dependencies not showing:

Anyone else confused by having to click “hide” in order to show a field? It seems to me that it should say “Show/Hide.”


I’d be happy if it was simply called ‘Fields’ :smiley:

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Agreed and voted! My other suggestion would be maybe to make “Show/Hide” (along with the sort and filter buttons) right aligned next to the button with the three dots (instead of left aligned with the “Add Task” button). Again, maybe biased by how it used to work, but I was convinced that option would be in the top right somewhere. Okay, I’ll stop being an armchair designer now :laughing:

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Why is managing and re-ordering custom fields hidden under the view section “hide” button? Makes no sense…


The wording “hide” is pretty bad I agree, makes it hardly discoverable.

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Hi @min_chul_sim and welcome to the forum,

If you search the forum, you’ll find various threads in which many of us lament the (in our opinion) poorly-named “Hide” button, so yes, you’re on target!

I was sure there was a Product Feedback thread asking to rename it, but I just looked and couldn’t find one, so this is now it! I hope you don’t mind, I renamed your post to make it clear what we want.

Also, you haven’t voted - please click the purple “Vote” button at the top of the thread to vote for this requested change.

OK @Bastien_Siebman @lpb etc., time to pile on and add your votes if you agree!

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Found and merged :wink:

Ah-ha, thank you, @Richard_Sather, I was sure there was one!

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I am stunned at this UI decision. As a note, I’ve been using Asana for years and am very familiar with its capabilities. I know it is possible to add additional columns in list view. I know there are tags and projects and I want to view them.

I had to go to the help center to figure this out. Insane.

In what world would I ever think to click an item labeled “Hide” when I want to SHOW or add a column? It’s like someone followed a UI rule “only label buttons with verbs” but didn’t actually think about whether it made sense in this case. In the column headers, of course, there is a “+” icon but for some mysterious reason that only lets you add columns if you are creating a new field or property… you can’t add an existing one.

Hi @TophatKepple ,

Welcome to the forum! I’ve merged your post with a similar one on this topic. I 100% agree that the nomenclature should be clearer; please upvote this post by using the purple button to the left of the topic header.

Added my vote. I feel this should be more intuitive.

I’ve had to stumble upon this myself and have since pointed several people to the hide button so they could show fields.

I’m thinking Hide/Show, or Columns, or Field visibility, as long as it’s something that indicates it’s not just to hide but also to show.


Don’t be embarrassed. This was insane to find. Why would they do this?

Hi @Will_Boardman , welcome to the forum :wave:

Totally agree, but as always, the Asana team are reviewing everyone’s feedback!

This is evident with an interesting A/B test (that I think is ongoing), making these fields a bit more discoverable by adding a ‘show more’ option when adding fields/columns in the List view, which I find fairly intuitive:

Once clicked, it shows all these metafields:

Still hoping they rename the ‘Hide’ button to ‘Fields’ or something better. :sweat_smile: