Dependencies not showing

It does look like an A/B test.
I found this on one of my workspaces:
The Mentioned keyboard shortcut Shift+Tab+G does not work for me.

Removing the dependency from the task does pose an issue as many companies use this feature often. Now we have to try and find it which slows down work production. Using "Shift, Tab, G also slows us down as it’s not a command that can be down with one hand.

Setting that initial dependency is a big help when it’s seen from the task view and not hidden in the meatball menu, or with a tedious “keyboard shortcut”.

In addition, an “Add subtask dependencies” within the menu would be super helpful as well. The way I see this working would be that once clicked, it will make all subtasks from the parent task, automatically set as “blocking” the parent task. That way you don’t have to copy and paste multiple subtasks. It can just do all of that for you with one click.

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Interesting. @Marie or @Nao_Kumazaki, can you confirm that this is an A/B Test going on?

@Paul_Grobler or @anon55437979 - once one adds a dependency from the menu, does it then appear in the task detail pane just like it used to? Assuming it does, can you then add more using the little + button like you used to, or is there no + button and you have to add via the menu each time?

Hi @Phil_Seeman , I have this also in one of my workspaces.
I can confirm that once ‘Add dependencies’ is clicked on from the overflow menu, and once you add at least one dependency, the ‘Dependencies’ field stays in the task details. From that point onwards, it behaves as it always did, including the + button to add more dependencies.

The Dependencies field is also enabled in a task’s details once it is linked to another task in the Timeline view, as expected.

Regardless if any task already has a dependency or not, the Dependencies field can be enabled in the List view (using the recent ‘Show fields’ / ‘Hide’ button) where one can easily type a task into the cells.

Hi @Paul_Grobler , Shift Tab G shortcut works for me btw.

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Hi @anon55437979 , Thank you for flagging this. Let me check this with our team. I will comment here once there is an update.


Yes I just ran into this problem. I added a new blank task to a project and there is no ADD A DEPENDENCY area anymore. Very frustrating.

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Thanks for the detailed behavior report!

Sure looks like an A/B test to me, to see if they want to implement what’s requested here.

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Hi all, As @Phil_Seeman said, and confirmed from the product team, this is a part of the A/B test around task pane simplification. If there are no dependencies on the task, then users in this experiment will be able to add them in the "…’ menu. :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback! I move this thread to the closed one.


I agree that removing this from the task view creates extra work and frustration. Please add it back!

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I would like it added back as well. It creates more work not having it easily available.

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I understand the simplification, however if you are building projects from scratch, this is not user friendly. It takes more time to do the work, which is something we really do not have. Please do not implement this change. Thank you for your consideration.

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Thank you all for providing the feedback! I will pass them to the product team :slight_smile:

I gladly vote against this change :slight_smile: I use dependencies heavily and don’t want the extra click. But I can understand the desire of the Product team to declutter the side pane though.

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I agree with everyone here and vote against the change. In project planning, adding and removing dependencies is crucial and hiding it/moving it to a place where it requires extra clicks to add is very frustrating.

In some projects dependencies field is not available in our team!
Do somebody have the same issue?
Hot to fix it?

Hi @Stepan , the Dependencies field is not regarded as a custom field so you will no longer find it there.

You can enable it from the ‘Show fields’ or ‘Hide’ button (depending on the A/B test your workspace is part of)

You can read more about this recent change here

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Hey great that you guys are AB testing stuff, but your goal as a tool is productivity.

As a user who functions cross teams within my organisation when flipping between boards, projects and teams I have different visualization of adding dependencies cross projects.

As you can imagine this is insanely unproductive and annoying. Please run your AB tests on an organisation ID so at least all users within one organisation groups functions identically.

Your AB test’s should not be disrupting my companies workflows. Look forward to this being reverted (ps. the option of dependencies in field task is preferred).

Issue appears to be fixed.

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