'Mark as dependant' disappeared from task options

Hi, I am ready to build dependencies into a schedule but I don’t seem to have the option anymore?

Could you please let me know if this has been removed or if it might have to do with the type of subscription I’m working with - workspace.

Thanks a lot,


Hi @Project_Manager,

Have no fear, the feature still exists! It’s just that the way to set dependencies has changed. Instead of that menu option, click the “Dependencies” button in the task toolbar; when you do, a new row will display in the task detail pane allowing you to set task(s) that are blocking this task and/or set task(s) that this task is blocking. Check out the screenshot here:

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Thanks, Phil!

I don’t see the “Dependencies” button on my task toolbar (like Barbara, I previously had this feature and it seems to have disappeared).

Any chance you know if this is a change that’s being rolled in different accounts over time?