Dependencies - only incomplete tasks


When I go to add a dependency, if I search for a task it includes tasks that are already completed but I only need/want to use incomplete tasks for this.

Is there a way to make it so completed tasks are hidden when finding a task for a dependency, thus only showing incomplete tasks? It would be easier and quicker to create the right connection.



You can’t do that sorry. When creating dependency, I almost never search for a task, because it is super hard to find exactly the right one by typing a few words. So I usually use the search, navigate to the target task, copy its link, go back to the original task and paste the link in the new dependency field. Works like a charm.

Agree with @Bastien_Siebman that is definitely the fastest way. Unless you have a really unique task name that you remember and can type in.

Makes sense - thanks @Bastien_Siebman and @Andrea_Mayer! I did it that way today and it was much easier. Down the road, it would be helpful on Asana’s end to have it only be incomplete tasks because I never want to make a new task dependent on something already done and marked complete.