Dependent task relationship is removed when dependency is marked complete


I just discovered this behavior of Asana:

Say you have Task A. Then you have Task B as a dependent task of Task A.

When you mark Task A complete, Asana deletes the dependency between Task A and Task B!

This was a surprise to me, and seems like an odd behavior. Is this a bug, or it’s as designed?


I confirm the strange behaviour! If it is not a bug, I’ll be more than interested to find out the rationale behind!
I do not recall any project management tool where this is happening…


After some additional research, I’ve determined that at the underlying data level, the dependency info is not deleted. In fact one can confirm this by marking the completed dependency as incomplete again - when you do, all of the dependency information returns! So it seems the removal of the dependency info is purely at the user interface (visual) level.