Ability to remove Dependencies Field from the task details

Is there any way to remove this field from all my tasks, it was never there before and I prefer to add my own custom fields. All other fields have the option of removing yet I have no control on this one. It was fine before with the dropdown menu when you could just make a task dependent. It is cluttering up the way all our task are used. As a company we have tons of teams and barely anyone uses this field.

I agree - at first, i thought how great that i can see what tasks are now dependent on the task i am looking at - great but when i have the delivery of hundreds of items/ tasks being dependent on an order - the task is swamped…

Just a word of warning to everyone - Asana has a limit that a task can have at most 15 dependencies and at most 30 dependents.

Unfortunately there are places in the Asana UI where it lets you create more than this; but if you do, you are likely to run into trouble when you try to do various things (like duplicate projects or tasks that exceed these numbers, for instance).

Hi @Jo_Morris and @Giles_Hugo, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We have recently updated the Task Dependencies feature and move it to the task details. As it stands, it’s not possible to remove the field but I’ll send this feedback to our product team so they can consider. this option in future updates!

Thanks for getting back, I would really like it removed.

I think a great alternative would be to hide (manually or automatically) the task details, much like the comments are hidden after they get to a certain length. This would allow for people who love to see all of the dependencies to be able to see them, but others who don’t use that feature (or have a lot of dependencies) to be able to more clearly see the information they’re interested in seeing, while still having the option to click-to-see that info when they want to.

I do see that Asana recently (in the past few days? perhaps it’s a test) has added that “add dependency” on every task - if that’s what they were referring to, agree with OP that that feels unnecessarily obtrusive. The icon at the top right was sufficient for that before.

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We’d also like to remove this field. We don’t use this option and it clutters up the screen when we’re trying to simplify things.