Removing Default Fields in a task

Hi there

Thanks for all your help regarding my first question about fields

I have since implemented tags and fields however I cannot remove default fields from my cards

I had duplicated a template tag and renamed to my business to better personalise my fields

I have unselected as above but they are still appearing


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Hi @Laura_McCann! Happy to help! :slight_smile:

When toggling fields off, like you have done here, you are hiding them from your main pane’s task (they won’t be displayed as columns) but they will still appear in your task pane. You can learn more in the following Guide article: Custom Fields • Asana

To remove the custom fields from the project, you just need to follow these steps: Custom Fields • Asana

I hope this helps Laura! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Hello Natalia, I think the original question was about the DEFAULT fields and not the CUSTOM ones.

I’m guessing I can’t remove the default fields from my project, but I’d love to at least hide them from the card or change the order in which they are displayed. Is that possible?


I’m also having this issue. Since you cannot customize or override default fields, such as priority, I’ve created a new field called pmmPriority (honestly, this is super dumb) but I still have the default Priority field in task details (I also have a field called Minutes that I don’t want or need).

At the project level if I click Customize I only see the field I expect and do not see Priority nor Minutes so I cannot figure out how to remove these.

@Natalia I am having the same problem as @Dave_Roberts, please reply with an answer.

I toggled the default field for dependencies off and it is gone from the column but remains on the task detail view - very frustrating.

Please advise how to remove a “DEFAULT FIELD” from the task “DETAILS VIEW” when you have already toggled the default field to “OFF”

Hi @Tracy_Hall1,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to remove the Dependencies field from the task detail pane.

You can add your vote for that capability here:

Having the same problem. I don’t need Assignee (private workspace, I’m the only one) or Dependencies. They just take up vertical space inside the task and push down the things I DO want to see: Description & Subtasks.

I see the Dependencies thread but would like to request full customization of Fields incl. Assignee and others as well.