Hide dependent tasks from My Tasks until actionable

Sometimes there is nothing you can complete until a previous step is done. This is where the dependent task settings come in. The problem is that the dependent task shows in your task list even though there is nothing to update or work on.Having tasks that are unactionable in your task list clutters the work flow and makes what is due confusing.

For dependent tasks, you should be able to assign to someone for WHEN it becomes active. It shouldn’t show up in their tasks list until the previous task is complete.


Agreed. How about when you mark it dependent it doesn’t show official assigned until the task it was waiting on was completed. Seems like a great idea.

Or some type of indicator when it’s assigned that it’s dependent on something else. If it’s grayed and has an indicator of “Waiting on” clearly? Internally, we’ve started putting * in front of tasks that have dependencies so people know they need to wait but it isn’t as obvious as we’d like

I completely agree. This is a huge problem. If the dependent tasks appear regardless of whether they’re ready to be worked on, that’s creating a lot of babysitting work. I really think this is a deal breaker for us.