PLEASE add an option to hide waiting tasks in "My Tasks"

Please make it so that the “My Tasks” view allows you to hide any task that is waiting on a dependency (any task that has an hourglass icon).

Assigning multiple tasks in complex projects with dependencies is a complete nightmare for assignees, because you have dozens of extra tasks that are not currently actionable that still show up.

This is probably the single biggest deficiency in our use case of Asana and should be very simple to fix (filtering a view based on information that is already available inside that view).

Welcome Steven,

This is how I handle your situation. Just like I have an ‘overdue’ column and rule that moves overdue tasks in a specific my tasks column/section, I would create a ‘blocked’ column/section in my tasks. Any task assigned to me that is blocked would be moved to the ‘blocked’ column/section. A rule then moves the task into ‘recently assigned’ when it becomes unblocked. The comment would force the item to be in my Asana inbox. The due date rules still are in play so it will moved to ‘today’ even if still blocked, but then I can deal with that issue.

I prefer to see all the tasks that are assigned to me, but I will use extra columns and rules to make sure the tasks I need to work on are eventually moved into ‘today’.

What I wouldn’t want is a filter that would allow me to have a task become overdue and I never saw it.

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This answer by @Tim_Rueb is the best option and I use a similar way to move any blocked tasks to another section and then with a rule move back into my working sections.

Thanks for the help. At least there is a way, but filtering out blocked tasks isn’t worth the 250% price increase to premium

Any task assigned to me that is blocked would be moved to the ‘blocked’ column/section

Do you do this manually or use a rule? If a rule, how do you do that?

@Kasey_Nichols I have to do this manually for now because I have workflows that allow my clients to move a task to a certain column which then assigns the task to me.

My personal workflow has me reviewing each recently assigned task at a minimum daily. Because I’m a team lead, I will either delegate to one of my team members and include a contextual comment to the task, or I move the task from ‘recently assigned’ to the appropriate column/section within My Tasks.

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