How to filter "My Tasks" for blocked tasks

I urge you to expand the existing filter in ‘My Tasks’ for blocked/not blocked tasks. I can filter for incomplete/completed tasks, which is nice, but not for blocked/not blocked tasks which would be crucial.

It’s very important for team members with many blocked tasks to be able to hide them and to focus on tasks which they can start to work on.

Please consider requests like that as serious and discuss them with your developpers. I’m sure this would be a minor task for your programmers with a huge impact for users around the globe. Thanks for considering.

I would love to filter blocked/not blocked tasks here: Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-10 um 14.12.53

And to get rid of the tasks with the hourglass I can’t yet start on:

This does not have to be a quick filter on My Tasks, since you can achieve the same result using the Advanced Search (assigned to you + blocked are the filters). Regarding the “get rid of” I suggest doing like me:

  • I push all blocked tasks into Later
  • I have a Rule that promotes to Recently Assigned any task that is no longer blocked

It does require a Business plan though.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Niklaus_Hari, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I also recommend you checking thread with some tips to filter your tasks: 📢 Tip on how to organize your work in a variety of ways (My Tasks Filtering Workaround) :slight_smile:

Thank you Bastien. If I do it using the Advanced Search, I will loose the useful sections.

“It does require a Business plan though» - Yeah, like almost every helpful and promising function.

It would be harder to sell a higher plan if it did not have anything exciting :rofl:

Yes indeed you are correct

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