How to filter blocked tasks in custom tabs / views.

This thread addresses how to set up a search to filter blocked tasks, and there are a few threads talking about rules to move blocked tasks around sections, but with the new custom views (“add a tab”), is there a way to filter by dependencies?

Our use case: we have several blocked tasks used in project templates, and they “float around” unnecessarily until they become unblocked. Our project views would be much cleaner if we could filter out blocked tasks.

There currently is not indeed.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 10.57.57 AM
Would be awesome to be able to see all unblocked and incomplete tasks!

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Also you can use advanced search to achieve such filtering of tasks.

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I feel like I’m losing my mind a little - I thought that a recent release included at least basic ways to filter within custom tabs by custom fields. I can still see this capability in previous projects where I did it, but cannot do it in any new projects. Am I missing it if it moved or is that no longer an available feature? Sorry if this isn’t the right place but this felt like a relevant post. Happy to create my own post if better.

We need to be able to report on blocked tasks separately from complete or incomplete tasks. We should be able to exclude tasks that are blocked and should have the option to count them as active tasks or not. People should not be penalized for having incomplete tasks if those tasks are blocked and as a manager I should have the ability to quickly tell the difference.