How to filter or sort blocked / unblocked tasks?

We’re using a Timeline Template heavily to map out a process flow and to show what tasks in the flow are dependancies of other tasks.

We’ve already hit the unsolved problem of Template tasks being assigned to team members and are using the ‘Later’ workaround.

Is it possible to use the List view to sort or filter the tasks in anyway by whether they are blocked or not? The UI seems to know the difference as all the tasks have either an hourglass logo to the left of the task title for blocked or a clear circle with a tick in it for unblocked.

The Timeline is great for mapping tasks but what would be really helpful is being able to instantly see which tasks are immediate ones that need to be done with out having to eyeball every single task.

Hi @Rus_Hughes :wave:t3: and welcome to the Forum!

Yes, you can search for all tasks Blocking/Blocked/Not Blocked using the dependency filter in your Advanced Search:

I hope this helps!

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