How to easily see subtasks that are blocking a main task

Not sure if this is product feedback or a question.

My current process

I’m doing my weekly prioritisation of critical items vs nice to have.

I’ve tagged the priority tasks (usually chunks of work, client workshops etc) so I can see them at a glance in calendar view. They stand out in week view. This is great!

Typically big events are dependent on one or more subtasks eg. an interview guide before doing a block of interviews, or an assessment tool that needs to be prepared and tested before doing the assessment.

When I go into those subtasks I can see in red “Blocking” and what they’re blocking, but I can’t see this anywhere else without using a third party tool like Instgantt.

As far as I can see subtasks don’t show up on Timeline either, making blockers invisible within Asana.

Surely this can’t be right?

Is there a way to see blocking tasks at a glance, so that Asana users don’t turn up to important meetings without doing all the needed prep work?

Is this a tool feature that’s missing or am I missing something here?

Many thanks

I love deadlines. I love the sound they make as they go whizzing by. Douglas Adams.


Subtasks don’t belong to their parent task project, so they indeed don’t show up in Timeline, among other limitations. Are you able to change your system and not rely on subtasks? You could use dependencies between subtasks and parent task to represent the blocked situation, would that help?


This is a game killer. How can subtasks not be in a timeline?!?!?!

Because subtasks don’t belong to the project, because originally they were only meant to be used (I believe) as a checklist of things to do to complete the parent task. But everyone started assigning them and putting due dates on them :slight_smile: