Hide blocked tasks from My Tasks

Hi guys!

I’m new to Asana and this community and have a question about blocked tasks.

There are some tasks that are blocked in „My Tasks“. Is there a way to hide them? I only want to see the tasks that I’m able to work on.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Carolineee, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Great question! It’s not possible to hid blocked tasks at this time but I can see why you would want to do this!

Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category for the time being to give you and other community members an option to vote for this feature! :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca,
Any news on this point? We have the same wish : hide the blocked tasks as we cannot work on it yet…
Thanks in advance!


@Rebecca_McGrath Is there any news on this feature?

An update on this would be great ! This feature is HIGHLY needed. Thanks in advance

Hi all!

As a workaround you could create a section in your My tasks called ‘Blocked’ and move those tasks there (yes, manually) and collapse the section so that they are out of sight.

Additionally if you are on Business or Enterprise, you can create a rule in your My Tasks that could, once a task is no longer blocked, automatically move these tasks to your ‘Recently assigned’ or ‘To-do’ or whatever section you please, using a simple rule as per below.
(You will find ‘Task is no longer blocked’ towards the bottom of the Triggers list)

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This has been a request of mine (along with about 300 other users) since 2017. The request continued to gain momentum year after year, but the thread was closed in August of 2021 without resolution (because other comments in the thread added other ideas for improvement). It’s disappointing that we still don’t have a way to filter out known unactionable tasks (either via hack or filter). I can’t help but notice your thread was also marked “solved” without an automated solution (that doesn’t require manual moving of tasks, etc).

Here’s the task if you want to see the history of this request:

@Tim_Watson, Doesn’t:

represent an automated solution? It doesn’t require manually moving tasks.

I recognize it’s not implemented with a filter, but it seems even more flexible to me than a filter, more consistent with the design goal of My Tasks allowing users to configure to their own unique preferences using sections and rule automations, and preferable to a hack.



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I would like the option to only see unblocked tasks in My Tasks without having to go through multiple steps using the Search feature. This would enable me to quickly and easily see what tasks are the highest priority on my to-do list.

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I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread, don’t forget to upvote.

A workaround was posted here:

Moving tasks manually creates too much work when we are trying to improve efficiency. It would be much easier to have a feature to select whether to show blocked/unblocked/all tasks (similarly to incomplete/complete/all). Using a custom rule isn’t an option for my company, as we cannot justify the price jump from Premium to Business.


I would also like to hide blocked tasks by rule (if not a built-in feature) and it would be great if that could also include tasks that have a start date that is not here yet. It’s not “blocked” by another task, but I can’t do it until a certain date.


I had just submitted the exact same request when I was alerted to this existing post. This would be an excellent feature.

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I am unable to Hide blocked tasks that are assigned to me, that are not currently able to be completed. In My Tasks, blocked tasks should be able to be hidden, then re-appear when blocking task is completed.

Steps to reproduce:
Add dependencies to tasks, then assign them all to yourself

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Since this is not seen as a bug by Asana because it’s working as intended, I’ve moved your post into an existing feature request so you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote with the purple Vote button.



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Hopping over from the other thread. Thanks for noting. Seems like this is in pretty high demand. Manually moving them feels over laborious. Omnifocus etc have had this functionality for years.


It’s kind of wild this still doesn’t exist.

has there been any updated on this?

I would also like to have this feature enabled.

As another workaround, at least for personal projects (projects where you are only in the team), you could create a project template with a rule to set assignee when a task is no longer blocked.

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