Allow task dependencies to be restricted to current project

When using the dropdown list for task dependency selection, tasks from all projects meeting the “type ahead” criteria are displayed. When the task name is too long to show the Project name in the selection box, it is impossible to identify the correct task.

Restricting the selection list to the current project would be helpful. Alternatively, expanding the hover function to include the Project name would help as well.

Note that the functionality works as desired in Templates

I don’t thing they would ever do that, Asana is all about breaking silos.

Definitely. My trick has been to go to the target task, copy the link, and come back to build the dependency by pasting the link instead of typing the task name.

You can’t be dependent on tasks outside of the template itself?

Hi @Paul_Frascione, thanks for providing this feedback!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bastien … I apologize for not being clearer. I was asking that the ability to restrict the selection list to the current project be an option, not the exclusive default. Sorry!

I like the target task link suggestion … was not aware that could be done

As far as I can tell, template task dependencies are restricted to tasks in the template itself.

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