Discerning dependencies between within-project tasks and tasks of other projects


As I know, I can make certain tasks dependant on others. We often use this to make the parent task dependent on the underlying child/sub-tasks. I am however getting into the following problem:

We use a standard template project as the basis for all our projects, so that each iteration is (mostly) the same as the others. As work goes, it is all about continually tweaking and refining, so we often change the standard template. Now I am adding more and more dependencies in the standard template (also between already existing tasks). To add dependencies, I should type in the name of the task that it will be dependent on. Trouble is, as all other running projects are copies, all these tasks have the same name. Now when I want to add a dependency on a task within the same project (project standard template), I am not able to discern between the tasks within this project and the other projects, as they all have the same name. The dropdown with the name of the task doesn’t specify the project that it is in. Is there anyway around this so that I don’t make cross-project dependencies? Of course I could try them one-by-one, but this will be extremely time consuming.


When I select dependencies, I do see the project name(s), at least partially, in the drop down list. I would suggest that you make task and project names short and distinctive enough so you can differentiate them even in this truncated view.

@Laurens1, You might find it helpful to first copy the URL of the task to be dependent on and paste that in instead of typing/autocomplete. This is described in https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/dependencies#gl-mark-dependent; scroll down to Shortcut to dependencies.