Manual dependency addition - Default to select from subtasks in current view

A lot of projects created by my team reference areas of our facility that follow strict naming conventions. As such, we have multiple projects with identically named subtasks. When typing in the name of an area to manually add subtask dependencies the dependency list will pull task/subtask names from other projects. This is, inherently, a great feature - it allows linking multiple projects. However, I’d like to see the first entry in the list come from the current project/task then flow into others in order to ease the creation of subtask dependencies in the current project.


I’m trying to set the task Lane 4 - Evens as being blocked by the subtask 4-4
When I type 4-4 that subtask should be at the top of the list. In this particular example it’s not in the list at all.

We have lots of tasks with identical or almost identical names too. The way I found to be the most reliable is to paste a link to the task instead of a name of the task into the dependency field. That way you can always be 100% sure that you set dependency to the task you wanted