Please add "tags" column to the drop down where you add all other columns

I mean come on guys really… why are there two separate menus for adding columns?

It should be in one menu, the + sign at the side of project view OR in the “Show fields” submenu, not both, that’s just really shoddy UX design.

Asana always has multiple ways of doing the same thing (such as creating projects etc) - I like to think of the + as a shortcut, where as the full menu under customise is for all types of customisations.

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Right, but what’s the point of doing that here?

It’s essentially repeated functionality, but in a different spot. The goal is the same: to add columns. So the way to get there should be the same.

Speaking of which, the menu item “Manage custom fields” should at the very least go at the bottom of the + menu given that the + menu reveals the types of custom fields you can add.

The Customize menu is to manage Custom fields only, and you can no longer show/hide them from this menu since the toggles have been recently removed. The + button on the right of the columns is just a shortcut to add a custom field.

The ‘Tags’ field is grouped within the 9 default fields such as Assignee, Due date, Projects, Created by, Dependencies etc. that cannot be customized, therefore they no longer appear in the Customize menu.

Thus there is now only one menu for showing/hiding columns and that is the new ‘Show fields’ or ‘Hide’ button (depending on the A/B test you are currently part of).


Right, but why would “Manage custom fields” be in a menu that has nothing to do with custom fields? It’s a menu of standard fields… the + has the shortcuts for adding custom fields, therefore that option should be in that menu.

Either way, thinking of that as a “shortcut” is also not useful. The functionality of the activity should drive the interface and vice versa, it shouldn’t be thought of as two separate entities or something of a convenience.

The Show/hide fields menu includes all fields that are available in the List or Board view. That means a combination of the 9 standard fields plus any custom fields (which are also listed in the Customize menu).

Exactly, the ‘+’ denotes adding/creating, i.e. not showing/hiding fields that already exist in the project. All options from the ‘+’ menu are essentially shortcuts to the ‘+ Add Custom Field’ button in the Customize menu.

Hope this helps clear things up for you.

It doesn’t, I disagree with this as a design principle and stand by my earlier assertion.

“Manage Custom Fields” should be in the “shortcut” menu, as this menu deals with the actual custom fields. It’s not a shortcut menu really, where else is that functionality available?

It should just be one menu. Splitting it up is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist and trying to be clever, when really its just complicating an interface that can be simplified.

Not sure if the A/B test is still running, but I have the “Hide” button and I don’t think I ever would have found it if it wasn’t for this post. Maybe I was just used to the way it used to work but I swear I clicked on everything else on the page trying to figure out how to add a “Tags” column. I don’t have a particularly strong opinion on the UX now I know where that is, but just wanted to share my experience. I did not find that intuitive.

Hi @Becca_Moran , welcome to the forum :wave:

I completely agree and you are not the only who feels this way!
Many other users have been tripped up by the wording of this button :roll_eyes:

Please feel free to vote for this here:

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