How to add a "Projects" field to my imported project?

Hey there, I have multiple projects that have a “Projects” field that shows what other projects any task is also apart of. I recently created a new project via CSV import, which doesn’t automatically include the “Projects” field. That’s fine, but I also can’t find a way to add it into the List view for the Project. Previous questions asked in this forum seem to no longer have an accurate solution, so thanks in advance if you can share how to do this with me!

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Hi @anon87690032,

You can find the option to show the Projects field in the menu shown here:

Note that in your Asana web app, it may may labeled “Show fields” as in the image, or it may be labeled “Hide” - Asana is testing those two labels.

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Thank you so much @Phil_Seeman! Mine was labeled “Hide” and that did not compute for me with what it does.

:100: agree! I (and lots of other folks here on the forum) have made the same comment - “Show fields” is a good label there, “Hide” is a really bad one!


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