Selection of more than 50 tasks

I’m using more and more the timeline feature, and it gives a clear view for many worflows.

We are using templates for some worflows, and when we create a new project from those worflows, we would like to adjust the dates by selecting all the tasks, but we encounter the limitation of maximun 50 tasks to be selected.

Then adjusting all the dates is quite hard as we need to do this by group several times.

Are you going to allow selecting more than 50 tasks?

Thank you

I suggest you change the title of the post to include this as a general requirement, not just for timeline. Stumbled upon this very problem this morning while trying to get the total of the costs to build my house :sweat_smile:


I guess by setting the limit to 200 or so, this is one of the cheapest feature requests to satisfy customers.

@Bastien_Siebman, I’m only a year late with a reply but you can total custom fields for more than 50 selections (perhaps up to around 300) with Asana2Go using a very simple custom format as shown below. This one assumes a custom field named Hours:

  {{~varAddTo 'total' (lookup custom_fields_simple 'Hours')~}}
Total: {{varGet 'total'}}


Nice @lpb. This still feels like a “geeky” solution but does the trick!

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Allow selecting more than 50 tasks. Trying to cleanup my account deleting old completed tasks.
Alternatively, provide a way to purge old completed tasks.

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Uh. Found a way. Just select all tasks, the Actions menu won’t be available, but the keyboard shortcut TAB+Backspace (delete) will work.


Exactly what I was about to suggest :+1: good you found a way!

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It would be great if the number of tasks that can be selected at one time is increased from 50 as this will save time when having to unassign task owners.

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Thank you for your feedback @Joanna_Yiptatchung!

There is an existing thread requesting this functionality so I’ve gone ahead and merged it with it to consolidate feedback on this topic. Don’t forget to upvote it!

Please have a look at the workaround provided here. You might find it helpful!

Hi, this may be a silly question…how do i upvote? is it by clicking on the heart icon?

You can add your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button next to the thread’s title. slight_smile

Thanks @Natalia. How do i even add this voting button to my post?

Looks like your voted has been cast @Joanna_Yiptatchung :raised_hands:

Hi @Natalia, I think there is a similar request here: Selection of more than 50 tasks.

Can you merge these together?

Thank you for flagging this @Armando_Lopez_Jr! I’ve just merged them! :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely shocked that this limitation exists, especially for business-class, paid users. It’s an egregious and senseless limitation of necessary functionality, and it’s tipped my position from “Asana is OK” to “I’m going to start heavily and actively recommending we move our company away from it.” Software that permits this kind of thing is clearly not at all concerned with usability, and clearly unfit for business/premium use. The point of paying for premium service is that basic functionality should always be present and usable, and this limit is both completely ridiculous, and completely interferes with the product’s usability. -1,000 points for this, Asana.

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Maybe you can share what your use case is, so we can understand why you need to act on more than 50 tasks at a time.

Hi Bastien, I don’t know about Marie’s case, but very often I have more than 50 tasks to move on a timeline, when there is a delay on the planning for instance, and in that case this limitation is an issue…


Fair enough!