Selection of more than 50 tasks

Hi Bastien,

This is becoming a very critical feature I personally need as I routinely sort a automated tasks and 50 is just not nearly enough, I need 200 at least.

This problem is even worse because via the API I can’t even re-order existing tasks so please make this happen, I think it is all ready too late for us in this sense as xmas is generating so many tasks, I might have to look else where.

Just to be clear, I don’t work for Asana :slight_smile:

Hey bud! With the most recent My Tasks Update:

I have about 2,000 or so odd tasks that I definitely do not want to delete, but just want to simply move them from the “Recently Assigned” section to “Completed” across 2 sections (which have over 1,000 tasks - doesn’t even let you minimize the section in List View if it has over 1,000 tasks oddly).

So yeah, bulk editing this at a max of 50 at a time has been painful :sweat_smile: actually checked out your site hoping you had something that allowed you to bulk edit everything in a section to move it to another section, but alas, couldn’t find that tool.

Any advice?

Nope don’t have that indeed. Find an assistant to do that for you? ^^

@abass have you tried to move more than 50 items using the new section icons in My Tasks? I believe this is the only action you can take when exceeding the 50 item section.



That worked, thank you! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Yes, doing 500-800 at a time starts glitching out Asana, but waiting long enough and it all went though! My gosh, WAYYYY better than doing 50 at a time.


@Marco_Marsala a big thank you for that work around to delete more than 50 tasks at a time (keyboard shortcut) - so helpful!

Nice! :heart:

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Following onto this list. Any update with being able to adjust due dates on more than 50 tasks. I have 2000 that I need to move … and this is arduous. Please let us know if this will not be improved, as it is important/frequent enough for us to consider changing project management solutions.

you can also consider a small custom coded solution if it is frequent. I would hate to see you leave Asana because of this.

I would to, Bastien … but it is frequent enough. Any recommendations on a small custom coded solution?

I just finished a tool that I am about to release @Christopher_Anderson : it allows you to pick a project, select a number of days (e.g. 60) and all tasks from the project are shifted by 60 days. Is this what you are looking for?

That would be soooo close. However, what I would like it to have all tasks before a certain date shifted to a new date. (Not necessarily 60 days.)

60 was an example you can customise. In addition to this you would want to add a “pivot date” and have only older tasks shifted?