Increase task template limit

Does template tasks have a maximum limit on a project?
And how can i make more template tasks in the project?

Hi @Nelrie_van_Wyk, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

At this time, there is a limit of 10 template tasks per project. While there is no workaround for this at the moment, i’ll keep you posted if our Product team make any updates to allow more templates! :slight_smile:


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath
Ok, thanks so much! More template tasks would be much appreciated!
Have a great day!


I find the task templates useful, but have already hit the limit of how many task templates you can create. Allowing only 10 task templates seems like a very low number to me. I recommend doubling this number at the very least.

Hi @tahaack, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

We do have an existing #productfeedback thread for this request so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep updated in the main thread if our Product teams makes any changes to Task Templates!

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Having unlimited task templates would an absolute life-saver. Currently trying to create standard operating procedures for a lot of deliverables and 10 is not enough.

For anyone else trying to identify a workaround without the complexity of adding a new project, etc.
The workaround that I applied was simply just to create all tasks in the section that I would prefer to be hidden as task templates so that when a project is created, all other tasks besides the applicable ones could be deleted (i.e. the project is acting as the task template)

Can we also have task templates that are independent of a specific project? I want to create a list of task templates (more than 10) I can add as needed to any new or current project. I’m new to Asana so I was excited to hear I could make task templates to help build out the multiple new projects we get a week. Unfortunately, it is very limiting with the number of task templates (25 would be a good max point), and where they can be used. Please increase the number and the versatility of task templates. Thank you!!!

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