New! Rules integrations with Google Calendar, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive

Hi all :wave:

A couple of months ago, we introduce Rules integrations with Gmail, Twilio, and PagerDuty, to help teams across your organizations remain connected and ensure that important updates don’t fall to the wayside.

Today we’re excited to add not one, not two, but FOUR new integrations with Rules: Google Calendar, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, so you can continue focusing on what really needs your attention while Asana handles the rest!

From automatic calendaring to direct file uploading, check out an in-depth look at each Rules integration below and take a look at our new guide article here!

Automatic scheduling with Google Calendar

With this new Google Calendar integration for Rules, teams can go from manually scheduling meetings to automatically creating a meeting with project collaborators when a task reaches a certain stage of action.

For example, teams can use this rule to trigger creating an event in a team calendar when a task is moved to a “Scheduled” section. Teams can also use this for recurring task scenarios: you can have a recurring “Send agenda for meeting” task which sends out an event invite when the task is completed.

Learn more about Asana + Google Calendar

Automatic file uploads to Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive

With Asana Rules, teams can automatically upload task attachments to a specific Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box folder to streamline sharing, storage, and collaboration. Teams can go from manually transferring files to choosing triggers that automatically and securely upload task attachments for easy reference.

For example, teams can use Asana to work on asset approvals and, following approval, automatically upload the task attachment to a specific Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box folder to ensure final assets get uploaded to the correct location.

Learn more about Asana + Dropbox

Learn more about Asana + Box

Learn more about Asana + Onebox

We hope you’re as excited as we are to try these new Rules integrations, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below!

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Great stuff!! :partying_face:
Just too bad I can’t see the Dropbox action yet… but can see the other 3 though
Will sit tight… :wink:

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These new integrations for rules are a big time saver!

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Hi all,

Please note we’re working hard to get our Dropbox integration finalized and rolled out to all customers asap. We’ll circle back to let you know as soon as it’s live. Thanks!


Is the OneDrive integration working for anyone else? I am following the instructions in the guide article but the link always shows up as having sharepoint in it, and the rule won’t work. I am copying the ‘path’ from the ‘more details’ section of the folder, and it doesn’t look like a sharepoint link there but when I paste it into the rule it changes to the usual long messy link we see when sharing (which is working fine).

This integration would be very helpful, any help you can provide is most welcome!

Is the Box integration currently configured to run the rule for domain specific Box URLs? I am following the directions to run the rule for "Complete Task’ add Attachments to Box, but the rule is broken even after providing permissions to my Box. I noticed the example above uses a URL and wondering if this is intended to work for accounts as well? Any troubleshooting suggestions?

It’s possible to use this rules to sync task inside “My tasks” with Google Calendar or is only available to task inside projects?

Hi @Enric_Moreno , these new rule actions also appear to be available in my My Tasks (on Business Plan and above)


@Marie - I love the continual integrations being added to Asana. Our team uses SharePoint for all files. Is there a plan to add SharePoint to this list soon?

Also, will it ever be possible to create rules for specific tasks, not the entire project? We have separate folders for different tasks, and don’t want to just dump all files added to a project into one folder - this would be complete chaos.

Hello @Starian_Porchia :wave:

We’ve heard your feedback and are now supporting* *URLs for the folder location for automatic file uploads.


Hello @Kathleen_Lindquist

This integration only works for OneDrive currently and not SharePoint. We may explore this addition in the future as part of our roadmap. For now, we suggest that the user check the folder path URL is for OneDrive and not SharePoint.

Hello! I set up a rule to create events in the google calendar when a task is moved to a specific section and it works great. Is it possible to update the due date in the google calendar when the due date of the task changes in asana? Thank you!

For me, the ability to sync to Google Calendar as a timeboxed event on my calendar would be much handier than having it synced as a full-day event.

This way of blocking off the time I need to complete my tasks would help my productivity much more.

Next iteration?

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@Asana_Consultant @Marie can we please get this accessible for a vote?


It’s not clear what specifically you’re asking for. You can address this yourself, I think, as follows:

  1. Search in #forum-en:product-feedback for a topic that may already exist regarding what you’re asking for and add your vote at the top with the purple vote button, or if you find no such topic, then
  2. Add your new request in #forum-en:product-feedback and don’t forget to vote for it similarly.



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@lpb Sorry I thought my answer would be linked to the previous message. I was referring to @Kelvin_Ong message about having Calendar synced by time, not by an entire day.

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@Davy_Dadou, Vote here:




It’s been requested for SIX years??

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