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Hello Asana Community! :wave:

My name is Hannah Lee, and I’m a Product Marketer on the Workflows team at Asana. We are delighted to share some exciting product updates heading your way!

We know that work can often take place in multiple places, which can make it quite challenging to track and ensure important details or action items don’t slip. When it comes to driving the most impactful results, coordination, collaboration, and communication are key ingredients for achieving focus. However, these ingredients can quickly become depleted if tools, information, and processes are disconnected across teams. What if you could equip your teams with these key ingredients to achieve the best outcomes?

App Intake in Workflow Builder

By expanding how data from external tools is brought in, Asana becomes a central coordination hub where cross-functional teams can better plan, track, and swiftly take action. For example, with the launch of App Intake in Workflow Builder a few months ago, teams can quickly kick-off workflows in Asana from other apps and tools to reduce context switching, mental fatigue, and the “distraction tax.”

Rules integrations

Seamlessly integrate and connect to tools at every stage of your cross-functional workflow to better streamline, manage, and move initiatives forward.

With the soon-to-be-released Rules integrations with Gmail, Twilio, and PagerDuty, teams across the organization can remain connected and ensure that important updates don’t fall to the wayside. To help illustrate: Whenever tasks are added to a workflow in Asana, or progressed to a certain stage, you can automatically send an email from Gmail to notify cross-functional partners in real-time. With Twilio and PagerDuty, whenever the task reaches a certain level of urgency or needs to be escalated, you’ll be able to alert teammates through SMS and/or respectively create a time-sensitive incident. With Rules integrations, enable work to work for you—by removing silos and staying in sync across your teams, tools, and processes.

Asana for Workplace integration

With the new Asana for Workplace from Meta integration, teams can quickly convert conversations into actionable tasks and coordinate work, without switching back-and-forth between tools. Create Asana tasks directly from Workplace, and stay in sync with cross-functional teams through real-time notifications.

Embeddable Forms

With the recent launch of Embeddable Forms, you can embed Asana Forms on both internal and external websites by copying over the embed snippet. Form-based workflows become more powerful with the ability to seamlessly unify and consolidate requests into Asana, from anywhere.

Access Permissions for Read-Only Links and Forms

With Access Permissions for Read-Only Links and Forms, Enterprise Super Admins and Premium+ project users will be able to edit the permissions or privacy settings for their read-only views and Forms to ensure that the viewable content is secure and exclusive to the intended audience.

App Components

Lastly, we’re delighted to share additional enhancements to App Components to further power workflow customizations in Asana - enabling developers to self-publish with ease and at speed! We look forward to seeing all the impactful ways Asana can work for you - bringing home a fully connected, end-to-end experience for users at your organization as well as the broader Asana community :muscle:

Unify tools, information, and workflows across teams in order to combat siloes and maximize quality efficiency for your organization. Looking for ideas on how to dive in? Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!