New Google Calendar widget and one-way sync 🗓

Hi everyone :wave:

Today, we’re excited to announce you can now attach a Google Calendar event to a task as a widget in Asana, and sync the title, description, and start/due date to your Google Calendar!

After you’ve set up the Google Calendar integration in your project , here’s how to set up the data sync settings:

  1. Click Customize in the top-right corner of the Asana project that you’d like to add this setting to, and navigate to Apps
  2. Select Google Calendar, and navigate to the Data sync setting tab
  3. Select the calendar for sync
  4. Select the task fields that should be connected to event fields
  5. Select Save and close to activate the setting

This update also allows for a one-way sync from Asana to Google Calendar when combined with the create event rule for Google Calendar. It’s an excellent way to streamline your workflow!

We hope you find this update helpful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below!!


Hi @Emily_Roman :wave:

This new feature looks very handy and useful!
May I ask if it’s available also for Premium plan?


Hi @Elina_P : :wave:

Logically, it should be… :crossed_fingers:
Have you tried it out yet?

Well done on this. I just tested it out and even though the Data sync setting was a bit hidden.

I would love to see 2 way sync. but this is a great start

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This is a nice addition!

Since it behaves slightly differently than I had assumed from my understanding of the doc, I’ll mention what I learned from so far from trying it in case it’s of value to others:

  1. Although the post’s title is “one-way sync,” note that once an event is attached to a task, if you update the date/time in either GCal or Asana it’s sync’ed to the other–unexpectedly nice!

  2. The one-way sync refers to the Asana rule action “Create a calendar event.” That’s great, and I now have a My tasks rule to do this when triggered by changing a “Do” dropdown custom field to “Create GCal event.” I had assumed there would be a manual (non-rule-based) way to accomplish this, but that’s not the case. Instead, the task’s Google Caledar field (added by the app) offers the button “Create Google Calendar event” which opens the Attach a Google Calendar Event dialog where you can search for an existing GCal event to attach to the task. So this also sets up the two-way sync described in (1.) above by manually connecting an existing task with an existing event.

Confusing? Clarifying? It all makes fine sense to me now, but again, wasn’t exactly what I had assumed was being released. But pretty good news!

And this dropdown sure looks ready for an additional choice in there!






Hello @Richard_Sather :wave: To be honest I haven’t found much time to try this out… yet :sweat_smile:

But as @Phil_Seeman says, this feature IS available also for Premium plans, so I can’t wait to give it a go and see how it works :sparkles: Thank you @Phil_Seeman for the reply.

And thank you @lpb for all the extra useful info. Nice post! :clap:


Oh very nice!

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Thanks for the addition! I was looking at how we could use this to sync existing monthly client calls in Google calendar to Asana and I’m not sure it’s quite there yet… unless someone can give me pointers.

I added a test monthly calendar event in Google (repeats monthly on 3rd Tues). Then added the “client X monthly meeting” task in Asana that recurs every 4 weeks and linked the google calendar event. When I added a due date to the task (today), it changed the calendar event to be an all day event. I changed it back and tried to test if the next occurrence of the calendar invite would be added to the new Asana task once I completed this one. No dice.

At this point it seems helpful if you’re trying to create new calendar invites from a triggered action in Asana, but not really link existing ones. Does that seem accurate?

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Did you try adding a time to the due date of the main task?

Not originally, but did later. That wasn’t the main issue though.

This is a super useful integration. I am very excited about it :partying_face:

I tried it out in the “my tasks” section; here are some questions/ insights/workarounds that came up while playing around with it - maybe someone has some insights that might help me or maybe my insights can help someone else :upside_down_face:

1. Can I create an event from a task manually?

→ I have a bunch of tasks for which it makes sense to create a calendar event, but I wouldn’t want a calendar event for all tasks within a project or a specific section of that project. Because the “should be a calendar event” and the “should not be a calendar event”-tasks are mixed within the different sections, it doesn’t work for me to create a rule to automatically create an event once it moved into a specific section.

My workaround: Create a custom field “Calendar event needed?” with only one option: “Create Google Calendar Event”, then add a rule that if this field is selected, a new calendar event is added. This works only for the “my tasks” section or in projects in which you can link the team calendar - it does not work for your private calendar within a shared project. So it would be nice to have an option to directly create an event out of a task and individually select the respective calendar. I am very open to ideas on how to create a workaround that works within a project that multiple people are working in and some of the tasks I would want to have only in my calendar and other people might want to have other tasks only in their calendar.

→ the automatically created calendar event does not include the task description, only the title and date and collaborators (although description is one of the options in the synch-settings). When you update the text in the task (see next point), it will also update in the calendar event

2. How can I synch the information of a task and an existing calendar event?

I thought if I add an existing event to a task (through the respective field) the information of the task (due date, description etc.) would reflect in the attached calendar event. This seems not to be the case - you have to change something in the task (after attaching an existing calendar event) and only then the changes are reflected in the calendar event as well. Here are some of my learnings/observations:

  • the title of the original calendar event remains (-> if your task has a different name than the existing calendar event then the calendar event will continue to have its original title and not the asana task title)

  • if you have a task already filled with a description, due date etc. and then add an existing event, you will have to change the due date and/or time, as well as the description for it to reflect in the google calendar event (if you only change the due date in the asana task but do not touch the description, it will also only reflect the new due date in the calendar event while the description remains unchanged).

  • It is enough to simply press enter at the end of the description text in the asana task to count as a change, which is then reflected in the calendar event description - be aware tho, this will delete any of the original calendar event description and replace it with the asana task description

3. is there a way to automatically link the asana task in the calendar description?
If I have a rule in place that automatically creates a calendar event, it copies over the title, due date and (if applicable) collaborators to the calendar event and inserts a link of the asana task in the description field of the calendar event. If I then change anything in the description of the asana task, the linked calendar event is updated and now has the description of the asana task in the description field of the calendar event, but the asana task link is gone (as it has been replaced with the asna task description). It would be great to always have the asana task link in the calendar description to simply navigate to the respective asna task and make any changes there if necessary.


Here’s a question - how are you all deciding which gCal to sync to, if you’re connecting the app to the project as a whole, how would I ensure that the events created for different tasks go to different people’s calendars? Or does it allow set up on a per Asana User basis? I’m very interested in this, but don’t want to set it up and then have everyone’s stuff on my calendar.

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Is there a way to mass add the app into every project? Or do I have to add to every project?

@nichole_williscroft, I believe it’s project-by-project.



Nice work, Asana devs! :clap:
This was a highly requested feature. Great to see it roll out.

For those of us not in the Google ecosystem…is there an ETA on the O365 / one-way calendar sync?

I’m so excited to see this! I’ve created an events calendar for our organization in Asana. I would love this to sync with a Google Calendar that we share externally. Is it possible to sync to that Google Calendar, or can it only sync to my personal calendar tied to my Asana account? (The personal calendar is the only one I see coming up when I go to the data sync setting tab.)

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