Google Calendar related questions

  1. Is there a way for a google event to trigger a project in Asana (not an asana task/project syncing to google calendar)? I have a separate system that allows clients to book appointments. I would like those events, once approved, to then create a project in asana.

  2. Re: syncing google calendar to asana - is it possible to sync more than 1 calendar? I have multiple calendars that display on my main google calendar. When trying to setup data sync I am only getting option to sync the main google calendar (my personal events) instead of the multiple calendars that were created for each department.

I have a separate booking system as well and have the same question Tisha! Have you been able to find a way that a Google Calendar appointment add will then add to a calendar inside Asana? I want to sync it but only have a one way flow sync open of Asana TO Google.

Hey @Ryan_Goldstein, I am with zzBots. Since Asana doesn’t have the ability to 2-Way Sync you won’t be able to achieve this natively. With our Google Calendar to Asana 2-Way Sync, your tasks and events will stay in sync and up to date in realtime.

2-Way Sync (Asana Premium):

2-Way Sync (Regular):

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