Dropbox & Asana Integration

Hi all

I need a rule on an Asana project. When a custom field change to XX then I want all the files from the task and from the subtasks to be uploaded to dropbox.

Can we do it with the basic integration or we need zapier to do it ?


HI @Pedro_Mendonça looks like the native integration will do this with a rule Dropbox + Asana • Asana

Just make sure the rule is set to run on tasks and subtasks.

It’s not working for me… I can’t upload any document…

Hi @Pedro_Mendonça you are struggling to upload a document to a task?

No… I want to upload from a task to dropbox

That rule in the link I have given you would mean that if a file is uploaded to the task it will upload to the dropbox folder.

Hello @Pedro_Mendonça,
I had this issue also in the start with a Dropbox team account.

As a first step go to your Asana profile settings and completely remove Dropbox, deauthorize the integration.

Then access the project again and reconnect Dropbox and set up the rule and add the dropbox folder url.

If it still does not work try it in another Asana project. In case you still experience issues then record a short video about how you connect it, etc and send it to support@asana.com so they can look into this for you.

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