Duplicate a custom field?

Hi everyone, is there a way to duplicate a custom field? I have a single-select custom field with a lot of options and I see that if I want another custom field like that, I would need to copy-paste each option one by one. Is there an easier way to do it? Thanks!

Hi @anne.i , you can list all your fields in Word or Notepad and then copy/paste them into a new custom field as options.

But my question would be, instead of duplicating the field, why not add this custom field to your custom field library so you can use the same options over and over in numerous projects? And if you update an option, it will update in every project it is used in.

This is best practice and easier to scale and manage :wink:

Hi @Richard_Sather , thanks for your suggestion. :smile: To clarify, I’d like to use the duplicate custom field in the same task. For example, I’d like to duplicate a “Requestor” custom field with names as options and rename it as “Approver” field with the same names as the options.

Ah ok, that makes sense!
Have you tried the People field? This field type works well if all the names you need also belong to your organisation.

Hi Richard, thanks, that’s a great one, but no, not all belong to the organization.

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I full agree with @Richard_Sather that the custom field library should (almost) always be the solution.

But for very rare use-cases where duplicating a Custom Field is needed, I think I’ve found a workaround.
There is one case where this seems to be possible to duplicate a field: when this field is locked by one user, then, another user gets a button to copy the field and its options!

See screenshots

Hope that helps :wink:


This saved me an hour of work. Thank you, sir!