Copying Custom Fields

Is there a quick and easy way to copy a custom field?

I have tasks that would be applicable to more than 1 option in a custom field drop-down so I’d like for that custom field to be in the project multiple times. Rather than having to manually recreate it and name them 1, 2, 3, it’d be helpful if I could copy the custom field.

The functionality exists to copy Asana-created custom fields but doesn’t seem to be for my own created custom fields (unless I’m missing it.)


Ah, at this time there is not a way to quickly do this. You could consider using tags if the custom fields feel too laborious. You could also consider a text field rather than a drop down. Otherwise it sounds like for now the drop downs with naming conventions will be a good option.


@Alexis is there a formal place to submit and vote on feature requests like this? This would be a super helpful addition as we often use drop down custom fields in one project and then want to add the EXACT same thing to another project. They’re helpful in export to other software and by having the same fields and drop down items we can analyze team performance with our time tracking software.

We’re moving to standard templates as a means of having the same fields, but sometimes we want to add other retroactively and it seems silly to copy and past a ton of drop down items and re-associate color. Would be great to just be able to ‘import’ a specific set of fields from another project and have colors already there.

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Hi @Aaron_Cantrell! Thanks for your enthusiasm here! First, please read **Read me first** How you can give feedback and what we do next. Then, I suggest you search for an existing thread on the topic. Or, if you can’t find one, feel free to start a new product feedback thread. As indicated in the Read Me First thread, please keep in mind that we’re unable to guarantee that any request will be built, but our team really values your feedback. Thanks!

replying because I was just looking for this feature as well.

It would be really helpful to be able to duplicate a field so that the copy can be edited without affecting the original field.

For example, our team uses a certain field in a public project that has A LOT of drop-down options. I want to use this field in my private notes, but need to change just a few of the options. Rather than re-creating the entire thing, it’d be such a time-saver to be able to dupe and then change the things I need.

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Also in need of this feature.


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I still have the issue of adding a custom field for multiple projects through the API. Any new suggestions?

Hi there

For us, the implementation of such a function would also mean a considerable facilitation… :slight_smile:

Thank you for considering it. And thanks for any info about news in this case.

Here Here. Would love the suggested feature too. Thanks

Hey guys, there’s a solution to this. In the original project where you created the custom field, click on the down arrow right next to the title of your custom field. Then click on Edit fields and then you’ll see a screen like the attached.

Click on “Add to xxxxxx’s field library”. You’ll then be able to add this custom field to other projects.

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