Define seats

If I only have two seats does this mean I can only share my projects with two people or does this mean those two people/Sears are the only ones that can create projects?

Confused on how many seats should be purchased… we have a team of over 50 people but only the CEO, CIO, or COO will be creating projects. Other team members have tasks to complete but does not need full capability.

Do I need to purchase a seat for all members of the organization or can I purchase a seat for the individuals creating projects but share with members to update tasks?

Please assist. We are a new non profit organization and I would love to use Asana for project management.

Thank you in advance.


You may be able to get by with just the two seats and use Asana as you indicate you want to.

I’d probably recommend you use your nonprofit domain name email to start an Asana “Organization” (not a “Workspace” which is not based on your domain name).

You will benefit from paying for either Asana Premium or Asana Business (vs the free Asana Basic).

If Premium or Business, seats come into play. Anyone who logs into Asana using an email with your domain name becomes a “Member” and occupies a seat that you’ll have to pay for. The minimum is two. If you prevent all others from logging in that way, and instead they log in with other email addresses (e. g.,, or anything other than your domain), they become “Guests” and will not occupy seats. To learn what Members can do that Guests cannot, see Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana . If you can afford seats for all your people, then they could all log in with their nonprofit domain email addresses.

See more in the Asana Guide or below, though recognize there are many other types of ways to set up Asana that these sources describe beyond what I explained above, so you’ll want to focus on just the parts that apply to your case.