Conditional Rules within a project: If "due date is past due"

If (due date == past due && not marked completed){
// do this

Example: change status field to past due or add to another project (such as meeting agenda or stand up).

Let the rules have operators so we can evaluate if a due date is x days away from due.

@Getz_Pro, Any chance you’d see this request I added a while ago as the same as yours?


Hello @lpb,

Not exactly, but I do like your idea also and upvoted it.

With mine, it is within a project, although that rule can be global.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Getz_Pro! I’ve slightly updated the title to make it more specific to your request. I hope you don’t mind!

I do as that was only one example.

Hi all :wave:t2: Closing off this thread as there is now a β€œTask is overdue” trigger :tada:

It is possible to move/add a task to another Project if a task is overdue! :clap:t2: