[Rules] Add Rule Trigger Due date is: “today/ in a week/ in a month"

If we could set a trigger which is "Due date is: “today/ in a week/ in a month” we could take Rules in projects and boards to the next level. This would allow us to move a task to new sections, add tags, priority, comments, and so on. Would allow us to create boards and projects which are even more agile and dependent on deadlines.

Hi @Erik_Brandt, thanks for your feedback! At the moment we offer the “Due date set: New due date or No due date” trigger and the “Set due date” action. However, it’s not possible to set a trigger “Due date is:”. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback internally so it can be considered in future updated and I’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates about this feature.

Hi @Erik_Brandt,

FYI this capability is available in Flowsana:


Cool, so to be clear flowsana will trigger automatically if a task is now due today? (Say at midnight). Or if it becomes past due?


Specifically, in the Flowsana portal you identify your timezone, and then it uses that to evaluate your date-based rules once per day, sometime between midnight and 1:00 am in your timezone. Of course, a date-based rule will also run immediately at any time if you make a date change that causes a date condition to become true.

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Well you sold me! Signed up today!

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