Add "Due date has passed" trigger to the Rules feature

I would like to have a Trigger based on when a due date has passed.

If a due date passes, then:

  • send a notification in slack
  • change the status / priority
  • reassign to another user (optional)

Great idea @Collin_Vine, thank you so much for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


This! And an additional related request: a trigger based on a due date being X number of days away – so that we can change the priority level of a task, or move sections based on how soon a task is due.


Hey there @Marie,
Is there any news on this feature? I`m trying to set up an automation, but I also miss that.

Are there any triggers around date? A simple trigger based on ‘due today’ would be very helpful.
for example, a task becomes due and the rule moves the task to a different section.


The only date trigger is “Due Date Changed” (available to Business-level subscribers via custom rules), which triggers when a due date changes at all, to any date. So that won’t help you regarding "due today.


Hi, I agree that having triggers being able to fire “When Due Date has reached” would greatly add value to rules for my sales team for follow-ups & assign to people.

Another use case we need is because we have a kanban board for operations & another board for comprehensive timeline. If we could have tasks added from the timeline board >> into kanban board upon start of task date, it would greatly automate our processes.

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This is a great idea! I would like to add that it would be nice to have it be a more generic trigger. For example “Due date within X days/weeks/mos”.

Tangible Example: I (along with several of my coworkers) have a “Today’s goals” column. It’d be great to have this column autopopulate with tasks that are due within the next 2 days.

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We really need this feature please. This seems like a basic rule that should of already been created.


FYI this capability is now available in Flowsana - see this forum post.

It also includes this ability.

And this one.

This one, too. :slight_smile:


Hi @Phil_Seeman , i had a look at flowsana, but it’s not sufficient to address this:
If task in column A & due date = today, then move to column B & Assign to X.
Unfortunately it cannot specifically listen to due dates in certain columns, as the “if rule” is only one, and the “then rule” is only one.

Hi @Jason_Kung,

That’s true. Having multiple conditions (AND/OR) is on the Flowsana product road map - that’s what you need for your use case.

I agree 100%. Some of our tasks have strict deadlines (newsroom) and if a due date has passed, I need to be able to take immediate action.


Hi all and thank you so much for your patience! I’m delighted to announce these triggers are now available :tada: More info in the following announcement → New triggers for Rules: “Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue”