Trigger Due Date rules more than once a day at midnight

Currently - Due date rules will trigger once a day around midnight of my respective time zone. It will only move tasks that have not passed the threshold so if a task is assigned the same day as its due date, it will not automatically be moved to the “Today” section.

If I create a task thats due the same day, I would like the rule to apply to it as well as older tasks.


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Thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,
are there any updates on this? Just trying to set up the rules for me and my team, and triggering the rules only once a day causes a lot of manual work, which makes those rules not needed in most cases. Do you have any new solution to this? Maybe other triggers, that could trigger those rules during the day and not only on midnight?




FYI the date-based rules in our Flowsana integration run immediately when a date changes, in addition to also running around midnight.

The rule should be automatic at any tome a date is added to a task. It’s crazy if it only happens once a day. We have to do it manually all day so it’s already done by midnight. It doesn’t make sense at all.


Are you saying that a trigger like the one below will only happen once per day and not the second that the due date is set or changed? If so, then: wow, I’m new to triggers and that would not be expected behavior at all. Maybe it should have a trigger warning? :smile:

Funny. Only Due date is approaching works that way, and only when you specify in days; All other triggers, and Due date is approaching with minutes/hours fires as expected.

Turns out there is a warning:

Combining the hour trigger below with a seperate “Due Today” rule with the same actions might mostly do what @Deb_Cantoni and @asia_rb But, what is the behavior of an hour trigger on a ticket that has no due time when the due date is set to the current day? The help text isn’t clear on that.

I think it will assume 12a on the due date but you’ll have to test to be sure.



I just tested the hour trigger and if the due time isn’t set then it assumes 12a of the due date. The sad thing is that if you’ve passed the trigger time of X hours before the due date & time, nothing happens.

Is the following expected behavior? I go to my “do tomorrow” section and create a rule. I want the rule to apply to the tasks in the “do tomorrow” section. A rule creation window opens. It has the default trigger of “Task moved to section Do Tomorrow”. That’s not the trigger I want so I delete that one and add a new one like “Due Date is Approaching” Due Today. Then I have the action move the task to the “Do Today” section. I save it and now the rule is attached to the “Do Today” section rather than the section that I created it under. So, now the rule no longer applies to the “So Tomorrow” section’s tasks! Is that normal?

You may find it easier just to use the Customize menu (not the + at Sections) to create rules, and just focus on the trigger/action content to determine how they operate.

Did you test the rule? The rule you describe would trigger regardless of section.

Yes, the trigger works but the wording on the task creation implies that the task I am creating will only apply to tasks in the section I’m creating it on. Since I only want the rule to affect tasks in the Due Tomorrow section, I thought that was what I needed. But, it turns out that rules don’t apply to just the tasks in the section it is attached to. Maybe if rules had a condition setting where I could say: If the task is in the Do Tomorrow section and then a trigger happens then do the action. I guess I was expecting IFTTT. Anyway, thanks for your help. Hopefully, they will build out the rule system soon.


You can have more than one trigger; they can be ANDed or ORed together.

In your case you can add the trigger Task moved to a section: Do tomorrow. (The wording is not good; it means Task in a section too.)

Before you give up, it might help to read about rules in the Asana Guide or experiment to understand the range of capabilities.

IMO the “Due date approaching” trigger needs a serious overhaul. We wanted to use it to send a copy of tasks due at any point with the next X weeks from a portfolio of projects to a single “Timeline Project”…to fill the gap between individual project and portfolio timelines views. Another thread suggested Flowsana would do that…not sure why they can’t/won’t incorporate it into Asana.

Currently, the “Due date is approaching” trigger only activates at midnight. It would be more useful if it auto activated at midnight, but also activated when the condition was met, like all the other triggers.

For example, if I have a section in “My Tasks” called “Due Today”, I would like tasks assigned to me that are due today to automatically be placed in that section. However, because the “Due date is approaching” trigger only happens at midnight, the due date would never be considered and the task would just dump into my default section, at which point, the task would never get moved into the “Due Today” section, because by the time the rule triggers, the task would now be considered due yesterday.


My request got merged. Basically, the “Due date is approaching” trigger should be evaluated:

  • Automatically at midnight
  • When a due date is set
  • When a due date is changed
  • When the task gets added to a project
  • When a task is added to “My Tasks”

This request was made over a year ago. Please consider implementing these changes.


This!!! This seems to be such a basic feature!

I’m experiencing the same problem.

This feature is very much needed. Please prioritize it.