Feature Request: Add a time based trigger for rules that fires at a particular time of day and isn't based on due date

I have My Tasks organized into sections. Two of which are Do Today and Do Tomorrow. I’d like to create a rule that runs every night and moves all the Do Tomorrow tasks into Do Today so I don’t have to do it each morning.

In other words, I want to have a trigger that is simply “when the time is X:XX” to create a rule that is “when the time is X:XX do SuchAndSuch”

This is different than issue Trigger Due Date rules more then once a day at midnight because I don’t want it to be based on due date or any other field. It should be based solely on the current clock time.

For what it is worth, if this trigger existed then people could fix Trigger Due Date rules more then once a day at midnight for themselves by setting up time based triggers to run the Due Date rule to run as often as they want.

Hi @Burt_Culver,

Why does the existing date-based rule capability not work here? Date rules already run at midnight, so why doesn’t a rule with the following trigger meet your needs?


where the action is “Move to ‘Do Today’”.

EDIT: Never mind, I see you’re discussing this with @lpb in another thread. Can we close this one?

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Hi @Phil_Seeman Please don’t close this. We don’t use due date so any due date based trigger is pointless.