Auto promote to this quarter, this month, this week

This is one to reduce cognitive load and burnout and generate all the right neurochemistry that drives motivation.

I’m trying to create a rule that automates sections for: Today / This week / this month / this quarter so they can quickly see what needs to get done during these timeframes and not get distracted by things that aren’t yet due.

Is there a way to set a rule that promotes within certain weeks or months (eg. week 1, or January) and not just number of days until it is due. To be clear, I’m trying to hit the finish line for this week without having tasks from week 2 autopromote into week 1 because they’re due next Thursday (7 day auto promote rule) and then having to kick them out.

At the moment doing it manually seems to be the only workaround, but it means tasks sometimes get overlooked in other sections, leading to extra scheduling loops and cognitive load. Not great for productivity.

There’s lots of requests for this on the forums, but they have all been closed by moderators without addressing the use case. This is an example. [Rules] Add Rule Trigger Due date is: “today/ in a week/ in a month"