Asana Milestone Specific Rules

Hi! I’m Alison, a Technical Program Manager. The team I’m working with and I would like to request milestone-specific rules in Asana. Currently, rules apply to tasks AND milestones. Specifically, we really need a rule that closes milestones when all dependent tasks are completed. The only thing possible in Asana now is use a Task rule, but it applies to tasks too, which we don’t want. Thanks in advance for considering this request!!

That’s a great idea, very logical and useful.

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Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate the support on this. :grinning:

@Alison_Keller and @Stephanie_Oberg,

See also the following for a related request I made earlier today:




Cool! That would be very useful.My team has given me feedback that they’d really love to see more powerful rules functionality.

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I agree totally, Larry. We shouldn’t have to ask for Search or other tools (Sort, Filter, View) field by field, view by view, again and again. The feature should be implemented everywhere it makes sense.

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