Why can't you put rules on individual tasks?

We recently upgraded to the business version and I’ve been tasked with created more automation and learning more about rules and automation within Asana, and one thing I am very curious from someone from the company is why can’t a rule target an individual task? For example, let’s say I have a task set up to “Make a sandwich.” Why can’t I set up a rule so that when “make a sandwich” is marked complete, it opens up another task to “Grab a glass of water.” Maybe I am missing something majorly here, but every rule I’ve reviewed and created seems to be specific to either an entire section, an entire project, and/or can only be broken down by a field such as due date or assignee.

Why can’t I specify rules to create individual tasks based on other tasks? And if I can, how?

The use case you describe is actually dealt with using dependencies.
At the moment, your only chance is to turn to tools like Zapier. Even if they have general triggers, you can then apply filters on task name for example.

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You can’t specify a task name (way too many variables to consider), but you can on completion.
You can’t create a new task* but you can create subtasks

I created a rule (see attached) that when a task in the Asana Together section is marked complete, a new subtask is added. You can create unique subtasks to be added for any section.

You can also further reduce the tasks that trigger rules by including other fields in your trigger. (remember to select when all of these)

I often state
When a task is in a section
no longer blocked

add task to another project, assign the task, and add a due date

This keeps peoples boards and my tasks clean of task they don’t have to worry about just yet, while also ensuring all tasks will be assigned and dates added so I don’t have orphans.

Currently, to do anything more advanced you will need Zapier or a custom integration. Perhaps Flosana? @Phil_Seeman

*adding subtasks are new and we all hope that spawning a task template is next. :pray:t3: PLEASSE Asana!!!

FYI Flowsana does have a rule condition “If the task name contains the word or phrase _________” (it also has the same thing for the task description field).

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