Can I create a rule in Asana where when an entire section of tasks are completed, another section is added with additional tasks?

We have quite a few projects in Asana where most of the tasks are unavailable at the moment because they’re waiting on something else to happen. While I recognize that I can make the tasks dependent on the completion of the previous sections tasks, they still show up in the “unfinished tasks” on the dashboard of the project.

I want to be able to create a board that has one section pop up at a time. When I finish with the last task in section 1, section 2 populates and that section’s tasks are added. When I finished with section 2, section 3 pops up and so on and so forth. That way my dashboard is the most accurate when looking at unfinished tasks.


Rules can’t create sections, but it can create tasks. In order to make it work, you would need to pre-create the sections and keep them empty.

thank @Bastien_Siebman great inside for me!

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@Andrea_Mayer, thank you! helpful

Right, but if I create a rule saying “when task is marked complete, create task X” then task X will be created every time a task is completed. In a perfect world the rule would look like “when task X through Z are completed, created task A through C in section D”. Of course you can’t have that many triggers and that many outcomes in the current rules.

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