Automation rules

Hi there, I have created the following rule:

When All subtasks completion status are changed - Check if Section is “In progress” - Create 2 subtasks.

Yes, it created 2 extra subtasks, this is the case, BUT when I complete these 2 extra subtasks, Asana created other 2 extra subtasks, and it is never ending. How can I prevent this from ocurring again and again? I would like that this rule is triggered only once within one parent task.

@Artem_Rudenko - the easiest way is to create a field (e.g., Subtasks Added?) with a single option (many people use a :white_check_mark:). Add a “check if subtasks added? is :white_check_mark:” condition to your rule and a “set subtasks added? to :white_check_mark:” action. This will functionally allow this rule to only run once per task.


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