Newbie Question: Getting Subtask Duplicates when I Move Tasks to a Previous Section

Hello Community!

I’m a newbie hoping to learn from your wisdom! I created an intake form with a workflow in Asana to process incoming work requests. The workflow includes rules and subtask templates to go along with each type of service request we receive. The appropriate subtasks are automatically added every time we receive a new request by request type. As the request moves from section to section (i.e., New → In Progress) there are additional subtasks that get added (i.e, New =1 substask → In Progress =5 additional subtasks, for a total of 6 subtasks). This part works just fine.

The one hiccup is that if I ever move a task back to a previous section, the subtasks are added again/duplicated. Do you know how to address this?

Hello @Elizabeth_Flores,

so based on your explanation I have a feeling that the rule is triggered for any task moved to a specific section. Which means whenever you move a task to these sections again the rule triggers.

What you can do is thing of tying the „task added to column“ trigger to another one as well.
For more info on trigger combinations see here: Rules • Asana Product Guide

Or instead working with single- or multi-select custom fields that you amend that would trigger the rule that adds subtasks.

Does that help?

Feel free to share some screenshots of your rules as well (blur confidential data)


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