Rules that create subtasks within a project are duplicating that subtask when it is marked complete.

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Multiple rules that involve creating subtasks across several projects are duplicating subtasks once the subtask is marked complete. Example of one of the rules is attached.

Steps to reproduce: tried the same rule across different projects was able to reproduce. Also recreated the rule and triggered it with the same thing happening. Different organization users have also tried the same and been able to recreate the problem

Browser version: Chrome 112.0

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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Each time an approval or task is checked it duplicates

Are you sure about this? Because the rule you screenshots doesn’t apply to subtasks… :thinking:

Oops! Shared the wrong rule. Here is the one that applies specifically to this project above. At this point all of my rules are broken and in some weird duplication cycle when it specifically comes to subtasks.

This rule should never do anything when a subtask is completed, because it applies to tasks only. You should try to pause this rule, and see if your behaviour is still happening. If that’s the case, you have another rule running. Another idea: look at bottom left popup when doing your actions in Asana, you’ll see the name of the rules running.

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Also make sure they are not set as recurring.

None of the rules are set to recurring they are only supposed to trigger once when a task in the project is marked complete. These rule have been running smoothly for the last 6 months and recently broke on 5/26 and our organization have been unable to find a solution internally.

That’s what’s confusing. We deleted and recreated the same rule. When clicking complete on a subtask created by the rule it triggers the rule again even though the rule is only meant to be triggered when tasks are marked as complete. It seems like these particular projects are recognizing subtasks as actual tasks.

Are those subtasks multi-homed into the project itself? if you open the subtask do you have the project under “Projects”? If you rename the rule, is it this one that runs in the bottom left?

Rules can’t be set to recur; I was referring to making sure the subtasks were not set to be recurring.

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