Creating NEW Sections using Rules

Hi, all,
Is there a way to create a new Section using rules in Asana?
I know there is a way to move tasks to a certain section, but I haven’t seen a way to create a section with a specific name. This can easily work on the Workflow of a project so we can automate the creation of the sections when new tasks are added to a project.
Thank you so much!

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Hey @IsabelG . Unfortunately there is no way to do this currently.

Hi, @Paul_Grobler
Thanks for responding.
Is there a way to vote for this upgrade for the devs’ team?
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Hi @IsabelG , you could alternatively replace all your project’s ‘Sections’ (let’s call them ‘real sections’) with instead 'sorted sections’ which are produced by adding a new custom field (let’s call it ‘sort custom field’) . If you sort your project by this custom field (whilst disabling the ‘sort by sections’ blue button at the bottom of the sort list) it will make your project appear as per before but…

The benefit with this approach is that you could then edit your rules to set/change the options of your ‘sort custom field’ instead of ‘moving tasks to a section’. But more importantly, whenever you want to rearrange your ‘sorted sections’ or add new ones you can simply edit & rearrange your ‘sort custom field’ options which makes it much easier to manage.

Your goal:
This way, your project will only show the ‘sorted sections’ that tasks have been set to. If there is no task with the option of your ‘sort custom field’ then that ‘sorted section’ will not appear as a section in your project - therefore you can produce the illusion that a rule does create a section once a task is set with that field :wink:

I should point out that you currently cannot ‘save layout as default’ of these collapsed ‘sorted sections’, in case that is a sticking point - for some it is. Lastly, since Asana only currently sorts by one field, you cannot also sort by date or assignee, although you can manually reorder by dragging tasks up/down. So you may want to stick to your ‘real sections’ if you want to always automatically sort by date or assignee or any other custom field, sorted within your ‘real sections’.

Hope that helps and didn’t make your head explode! :exploding_head:


@IsabelG, I’ve made this post “votable” by moving it to #forum-en:product-feedback so feel free to add your vote now.

@Richard_Sather, Great workaround!